Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long weekend.

And we're taking advantage of it.  We finished the touch ups in the living room, and started on a major cleaning binge, including vacuuming and shampooing the carpet in the living room.  The vibrator motor on the central vac vacuum head went out, and although the suction works fine, it isn't picking up the dog hair worth a darn.  Of course, the shampooer picks it up, but after 10 minutes of operation, it has picked up so much that it clogs up and doesn't dispense water.  Pam figured out how to disassemble and clean it so it worked again, but we ended up having to clean it half a dozen times to do the room.  Finished now, but what a hassle!

Tomorrow, we're planning on hitting the kitchen.  We're on a deadline now... our party is next Saturday (only 6 days!), and we've already distributed our invites.  Although I figure we can do some cleaning in the evenings, I'm going to be out at least a couple of them, and Saturday is shot (I've got a five hour class I must attend).  Well, we've got tomorrow to catch as many of the big items as possible (including more touch up painting in various rooms).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Painting Complete (Mostly)

Last night, I finished painting the living room trim.  This evening, I plan to removing the masking tape and move furniture back into place.  Still some touch up throughout the house, but other than that, the inside paint is finished.

I do have some outside painting to do...  specifically, the faux shutters outside the garage and upstairs front bedroom.

On a side note, all other projects are on hold for a couple of weeks until the money supply eases up.